Exantech. The future of finance:
research and investment.

We develop by ourselves, as well as cooperate with enthusiasts in fintech to create something valuable for the industry.
Our activities
Easy fundraising
Venture capital fund
We are looking for new projects at the edge of IT and finance. Contact us if you have anything to suggest!
We create new financial products and conduct market research in the sphere of alternative and regular investments.
Educational events and lectures
We cooperate with the producers of various devices for the financial market, organizing the production process.
November 30
Exantech Business: seminar for managers
All you need to know about cryptocurrencies and mining: how to use it in your business and make money.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are indissoluble part of the present day business Although, only few people really know why they were created, what benefits they give and how they can be used to make money.
October 28
Exantech Code Jam: Hacktoberfest
On the 28th of October in Moscow at Trekhgornaya Manufacktura we launched a small scale hackaton for those willing to complete their projects for Hacktoberfest — an open-source coding and development festival organised by an american cloud computing platform Digital Ocean. According to the annual festival's rules developers' teams commit their pool-requests to GitHub in October. For each 4 such requests they get branded T-shirts from the organisers.
September 28
Exantech Meetup — an open discussion on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and ICO
EXANTE and Moscow Exchange hosted an conference for the leading cryptocurrency market experts in Russia. It was a pilot event of Exantech — our new project dedicated to those who want to learn how to manage their money skilfully. Exantech will regularly organise conferences, seminars and discussions with leading experts studying and developing the cryptocurrency market…
Our projects
Comino is a professional mining device supporting multiple hashing algorithms which is perfect for mining ETH and other cryptocurrencies.
The STASIS platform is a financial and technological infrastructure for launching the fist ever digital assets reserved by traditional financial instruments with regular state audit.
Exa Wallet is one of the first true Monero wallets to support the full multi-signature shared wallets experience.
Denis Voskvitsov
Igor Efremov
iOS developer
Artur Morozov
Android developer
Pavel Reshetov
Frontend developer
Dmitriy Zhidkih
Backend developer
Sergey Rubanov
JavaScript Kamikaze
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