Amoveo meetup in Moscow
how it happened

The first Amoveo meetup, set up in collaboration with, took place on the 17th of May. Dare we say it, the event was a smashing success! What was originally planned as a small local meetup became an event with over 70 people in attendance, many of which learned about Amoveo and prediction markets for the first time! More than that, the meetup was live streamed on Forklog, and the view count on the stream's recording is already over 1,000!
Stepan Gershuni, CEO of and the founder of Cryptoeconomics Research Group took to the mic first. He delivered a great in-depth breakdown of the concept of Prediction Markets, using Augur as an example.
Denis Voskvitsov, chief of, was the second speaker. He went through a comprehensive presentation about Amoveo, talking virtually about everything there is to talk about. Starting with the project's history and Zack Hess' approach to it, Denis explained the idea behind the project, its capabilities, architecture, talked about its community. Finally, he talked about the work that has done with Amoveo, i.e. MyVeoWallet and explained how the Moscow community is trying to crowdfund the event with a Dominant Assurance Contract. You can read more about it in our previous post.
Finally, we had Andrey Duhovniy, executive director of the liquidity risk modelling department of Sberbank. He talked about how Russia's biggest bank is trialing a prediction market system, albeit a centralized one, to forecast their corporate metrics. The main outcome of their current trial is that such system can significantly lower the costs of marketing research for virtually any given company.

Moreover, Andrey shared some stats: forecasting with prediction markets is twice as effective as individual forecasts made by analysts; and the minimal threshold of active market participants to form a reliable forecast stands at 50.

Finally, the event concluded with a panel-like Q&A session.

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