Exantech at

35 Chaos Communication Congress

At the end of last year, we spoke at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig and shared our news on Amoveo technologies, prediction markets and Exantech's contribution to Monero development. Chaos Communication Congress is an annual conference that gathers thousands of programmers and hackers from around the world. Technologies, digital security, applied cryptography, fundamental science are amongst the main topics discussed there.

We also took part in the panel Critical Decentralizaion Cluster and talked about Amoveo, a blockchain for prediction markets. Amoveo (VEO) is a scalable project aimed at investment and insurance contracts, as well as various financial derivatives. Another highlight of this year was the company's contribution to the development of Monero, in particular, the implementation of a generalised multi-signature mechanism, the development of wallets with their support under the Exa Wallet brand, as well as a new fast synchronisation protocol Monero Fastsync.

We were pleased to know that other participants of the conference followed our Exa Wallet project. In this Exantech's know-how, we used an open-source backend component to work with multi-signatures, allowing you to use them without losing anonymity. The wallet is designed for devices based on Android and iOS, but we plan to release a desktop version soon.

Many useful and interesting reports were made at the conference. One worthy of mentioning is the study of the security of hardware wallets of cryptocurrencies. Its authors analysed possible attack vectors and demonstrated several options for interfering with the work of popular wallets. If you are interested in learning about the possibilities of attacks on cryptocurrency storage, please follow this link: https://wallet.fail/.

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