April 13
Exantech's meetup with BANKEX Foundation

Founders of BANKEX Foundation tell about zk-SNARK privacy protocols and technology
On April 13, we held a meeting with the founders and developers of BANKEX Foundation, a non-commercial institution for blockchain platform BANKEX. Speakers described how to increase Ethereum network throughput to tens of thousands of transactions per second using new approaches and Proof-of-Stake protocol and to increase anonymity of operations using zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs).

BANKEX Foundation is a part of fintech startup BANKEX. It creates technologies for adaptation of traditional financial institutes to changes in financial market.

Speakers at the meeting included:

Pyotr Korolyov: architect/programmer, founder of BANKEX Foundation. He has over 10 years' experience of working at largest IT companies (Evernote, Intel, Mail.ru) which includes establishing and managing mobile development department at fintech organizations.

Projects authored by Pyotr include design of protected browser with unique distributed encryption system, mobile applications of large banks, security audit. Pyotr has founded several actively developing open-source libraries which are used in thousands of applications today including github-changelog-generator, ActionSheetPicker, GaugeKit.

Alexandr Vlasov: blockchain developer and CTO of BANKEX Foundation. He is the founder of feeasy.me fintech startup. Alexandr did research activity at DESY and Fermilab laboratories, has over 5 years' experience in software development (blockchain, Backend, Mobile Frontend on iOS).

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