Exantech. The future of finance:
research and investment.

We develop by ourselves, as well as cooperate with enthusiasts in fintech to create something valuable for the industry.
Exantech is aimed at investing in – and the development of – transformative projects in such areas as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) handpicking fundamental ideas and professional teams. The vision that within 3-5 years there will be a massive transition to the use of the blockchain technology as well as a significant leap in the development of AI is at the heart of Exantech's strategy.

Currently, Exantech's flagship project is Comino, world's first liquid cooled GPU miner. Its development was launched in April 2017. It is a professional mining device that supports multiple hashing algorithms suitable for mining ETH and other promising cryptocurrencies. Comino devices are supported by the leading world vendors like Asus and Noctua.
Exantech is the think tank and VC fund arm of EXANTE with the focus on fintech and blockchain-related projects. Exantech was established in 2017 by the Bitcoin Fund founder Anatoly Knyazev.

Exantech's target is to provide all of its portfolio startups with the access to the fund's tech expertise and office space, along with legal, accounting, and mentoring teams. Inspired by the experience of cooperating with Comino, Exantech is currently looking forward to developing and supporting new breakthrough fintech startups.