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We focus on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

We look for the most ambitious founders, the people who want to build the next leader in their category or the company that changes a fundamental component of our economy and society. The founders who want to use technology to rewire the world in favour of something better for as many people as possible.

We concentrate on building the necessary private sector Venture Capital infrastructure to address market gaps and opportunities with the aim to further enhance the attractiveness of European Venture Capital as an alternative asset class.

How do we achieve this? We work with venture capital funds - acting as our intermediaries – that invest into innovative high-tech SMEs in their early and growth phases. We focus particularly on disruptive early-stage technology enterprises which typically face financing challenges but also provide outstanding investment opportunities.

We have built a strong expertise in the Life Sciences, Cleantech and ICT sectors and in setting-up, managing or advising tailored Fund-of-Funds, mostly with resources entrusted to us by third parties such as the European Investment Bank, the European Commission, national and regional authorities.

We can offer "smart money": besides providing funding, we can also help you in shaping and optimising your investment proposal by sharing experience and expertise in all phases and areas of financial technologies.

We invest across technology sectors

we believe with the deepest conviction that entrepreneurs will bring unparalleled benefits to the world, through a combination of technology innovation and the human spirit of continued and unending progress. This is our mission, to help spur this forward in every way we can. We look forward to doing so with you.

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